Where To Buy The Travel Health Insurance

Three months ago, I posted an article on “Guide To Purchasing Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada”. The article is a complete guide for people who are visiting Canada for different reason. After reading that article, many people from Canada contacted me for getting an advice on ‘where to buy Emergency Health Insurance’ policy. After a detailed study, my team has come up with a solution which is revealed in this article.

The most important thing to consider while travelling to an unfamiliar country is that if something goes wrong over there, you might end up paying lots of money. There are countries like USA or Canada whose hospitalization can certainly make a person bankrupt. Last year, one of my friends met with an accident in Singapore. When he got discharged from the hospital, he was handed over a hefty medical bill, but thanks to travel insurance policy which he bought before leaving Canada.

Without any doubt, I would say that a travel insurance policy is the first thing which you must buy before planning your trip. This will surely help you a lot. So, if you love to travel at different places, then you should consider travel insurance policy in your checklist.

Check Pre-existing Coverage

  • Credit card: Majority of people do not know that their credit card also includes travel health insurance for a specific period of time. According to my experience & knowledge, such credit cards cover less than 14 days trip duration.
  • Third party health care plan: In case, if you have purchased a health care plan from your workplace or from a third party, make sure that whether they are providing travel health insurance or not.

Buying Travel Health Insurance

Though there are many online insurance providers, buying travel insurance from Abhi Financial can be a good deal for you! Its comprehensive plans cover health care, hospitalization, funeral ambulance, etc. to the clients without making them feel alone in a different country. The plans are formulated for adventurous travelers which cover overseas health, baggage, evacuation and adventure activities and sports.

Here are a few best things about Abhi Financial, which makes it as the most recommended insurance agency online:

  • Reliable Insurance Agency: Abhi Financial holds the team of strong, experienced and specialist travel insurance advisors who offer great coverage, emergency help and the highest level of help during a claim.
  • Great Value and Coverage: Abhi Financial understands the need of insurance coverage. Therefore, it offers you insurance plans at a reasonable price.
  • Flexibility: If you are away from your place and have felt the need of changing your insurance plan then you can easily do that. Abhi Financial offers you the opportunity to extend or modify your policy by calling our office.
  • No Hidden Cost: The utmost priority of Abhi Financial service is to treat all the customers alike. There are no consultation charges for clients. You can also compare the prices with other insurance companies to take a wise decision.

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