Health Insurance – Are you covered in Canada?

Are you visiting Canada for the first time or are already living there without travel insurance and health coverage? If yes then you are making a big mistake of your life because living in Canada like country without health insurance is just not possible. Canada is considered to be one of the most expensive countries in providing health treatments. If you do not know about this before, we are here to guide you. Just tell us, does your circumstance fall into one of the following classes?.

  • You are living in Canada, working there or are a student.
  • You are a tourist in Canada
  • You are living there and waiting for the PR
  • You are an immigrant and married to a Canadian citizen
  • You are a Canadian and coming back with a child born outside Canada
  • You are a Canadian and moving from state to state

If you fall under any of these situations, the information that I have given in this article is solely for you. There are a few most vital facts that you need to understand about this country’s medical system.

Health Care System

Citizens of Canada and legally landed immigrants are eligible for regional coverage in state of residency. They pay for this coverage via income taxes and in some provinces through monthly premiums. Provincial coverage will pay for lab, doctor visits and radiology tests as well as hospital stays. This plan will not cover a few medical procedures, prescriptions and supplies.

How to qualify for Provincial Coverage

In order to be eligible for the provincial coverage, there are a few criterions.

  • You should be a legally landed resident, a refugee or a legal citizen of Canada
  • You should meet the citizenship criteria of the state you are living in.
  • Provincial coverage is compulsory in some states. If you are a legal resident of Canada and your annual income for the prior year was less than around $28,000, provincial coverage will provide you partial or full premium subsidy. You need to provide the copy of your former income tax assessment as a proof of income.

Just because you are living in Canada, does not mean that you are eligible for the provincial Coverage. You must be

  • A Legal Canadian resident
  • A Legally landed immigrant
  • A Legal refugee
  • A Student visa holder to qualify for MSP

Residents Moving from Province to Province

If you move to the other province, your coverage will be expired after three months after you have moved. You must register with the province’s provincial medical plan where you are currently living.

Canadian Resident Spending More Than Six Months Out of Canada

Once you have left the country for 183 days or six months and one day, your coverage plan will be cancelled automatically. In that case, you have a choice of contacting the provincial plan in order to apply for a term certificate for exiting Canada. You need to wait for 3 months before your coverage will become active again. In that case, your travel insurance will provide coverage during the waiting period.

International Students in Canada

International students who are not attending eligible educational college or institutions will not be covered by the Government Health Insurance Plan. In this case, private medical insurance will be required. They have another option as well. They can choose to purchase Health and Hospital Insurance or only Emergency Medical Insurance.

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