Guide to Purchasing Travel Insurance For Visitors to Canada

With the welcoming culture, strong economy, high quality life and great natural beauty, Canada has been a popular destination for the foreign visitors for a long time. It has the strongest economy in the G8. It means that Canada has been a hot spot for foreign workers, business travelers, international students and new immigrants.

  • Health care system in Canada is overburdened due to the aging population.
  • Simple doctor visits costs nearly $150
  • Ambulance costs around $250
  • Non-critical hospital stay cost about $3,500 per night
  • Air ambulance around $20,000

Medical insurance is highly recommended for the foreign visitors, in order to be secure. Because medical expenses can become economically crippling. Good news is that we have come up with the very affordable medical insurance. Whether you are an international student, business traveler, foreign worker or simply vacationing in Canada, we have designed our plans in such a way that it suits all your needs and are at an affordable rate.

Tourists and Business Travelers Visiting Canada

Whether you are vacationing with your family or traveling to Canada for business meetings, medical insurance is important to cover the high expenses of medical care. Canada Emergency medical is there to pay the expenses acquired by unexpected medical conditions.

New Immigrants to Canada

New immigrants have to acquire landed immigrant or PR in order to be eligible for the provincial health insurance.

Foreign workers in Canada

Work visa in Canada is normally issued for 6 months minus one day. Private health insurance must be purchased to cover emergency medical costs for the time spent on a temporary work visa.

Inpatriate Medical Insurance

Inpatriate medical insurance is provided by the employers to its workers. It can be purchased for six months work visa. Coverage can range $10,000, $500,000, $ 1000,000. It is different from Visitors Emergency Medical Insurance because offers for no-emergency medical visits.

International Students in Canada

International students who are not attending eligible educational college or institutions will not be covered by the Government Health Insurance Plan. In this case, private medical insurance will be required. They have another option as well. They can choose to purchase Health and Hospital Insurance or only Emergency Medical Insurance.

Health and Hospital Insurance

This insurance plan provides complete health coverage to the international students visiting Canada. It includes- emergency medical coverage, prescription drugs, and non-emergency health costs are also covered up to maximum amounts.

Emergency Medical Insurance

It is same as the hospital and health insurance plan but it will not cover non-emergency medical and drugs prescription are bounded to a 30 day supply.

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